Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Going easy on the Giants Brass

I saw this comment on El Lefty Malo's post about Dave Righetti and I felt inspired to write about this:
It's really amazing how a World Series will get bloggers to suddenly start singing Bochy, Sabean, the coaching staff, the team trainer and the garlic fry vendor's praises, innit? About face from this time last year.
Short answer; hell yes. When the team wins the whole thing, it's really hard to find fault with the guys. I mean, really, how shallow and crappy would you look if you were nit picking moves after a World Series? These are the people that just led the team to a championship, so you look like an idiot if you say they can't because, well, they just did it.

Here is how the conversation would go:
Crazy Crabbers: The Giants front office is incompetent and will never amount to anything.

Bill Nuekon:  Silently points to World Series trophy

Crazy Crabbers: Brain Sabean is a veteran loving, rookie hating, know-nothing that can't get the team over the top.

Brain Sabean:  Silently points to World Series trophy

Crazy Crabbers: Bruce Bochy can't manage. He puts too much faith in RBIs and the idea of a "proven run producer." He will falter against superior tactical minds.

Bruce Bochy: Silently points to World Series trophy.
There is no comeback to that and I look like an ass. I will pass on that for now.

I would almost feel like a Yankee's fan if I was doing that.

This did remind me of the honeymoon period that I wrote about earlier and the general consensus on the poll is us fans will give the Giants the benefit of the doubt for a year. This seems more than fair.

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