Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Big Spring Question that is unanswered: Who will replace Jose Guillen?

We have gone all spring and there is a burning question that, so far, has been left unasked and unanswered; who will replace Jose Guillen?

Guillen was the perfect nearly immobile, surly, clubhouse cancer, savvy run producing veteran that camouflaged the Giants secret playoff weapon, Cody Ross.

If the Giants don't have a black hole in the field that is a liability both offensively and defensively that they can switch out once the playoffs start to throw a wrench in the opposing teams scouting reports, they have absolutely no chance of repeating.

The leading candidates right now have to be Pat Burrell and Miguel Tejada, but I think it could be another late season addition like Guillen. Right now, I am targeting Vladimir Guerrero. Guerrero had a bounce back season last year with Texas, but at 36 with some bad knees, he would make the perfect replacement for the Guillen lumbering around in right field.

The other question is who will be the secret weapon? Maybe the Marlins will forget that Mike Stanton was a rookie last season and put him through waivers.

The intrigue and mystery is killing me. Have the real games started?

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