Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doubts about the "Giants Insider"

Obsessive Giants Compulsive takes a comment that he started here on the post about people going easy on Giants management after the World Series and absolutely hits one of out of the park:
This is my first serious doubts about Giants management since Peter Magowan retired. I have been generally positive towards Giants management over the past few years because, whether they actually had a plan, a Giants Way, or not, I liked the direction the franchise was headed in and the pieces that were being put into place. And I do believe that they have a plan, but that we are just not privy to all the details.

At minimum, Sabean has been saying for years now (I believe since the 2002 World Series, at minimum) that baseball was undergoing one of their foundational shifts that happens about once every generation, and that the game would be moving towards pitching, fielding, and speed, and that this would be their general template for success in the future. And it appears that they have executed on that plan very well up to now, not without hiccups, but the best plans work around hiccups and handle multiple scenarios in order to maximize the chance for success. Their 2010 World Series Championship is excellent proof that their plan is succeeding at a high level.

But this leak is shaking my confidence. At minimum, this means that there is an insider who thinks that he can shake players up by going anonymously through the media. This "success" with Zito will only embolden this person to do more of this sniping through the media. Who knows what other idiotic statement this person might make in the future that screws up one of our players, or worse, perhaps insults one of our top stars into not wanting to sign up long-term with us.
I have to agree. The player additions and other moves this offseason have been justified but if you are into that kind of thing, you can always nitpick. This move by a "Giants Insider" was just plain stupid and it calls into question if this thing is encouraged and will continue in the future.

There is so much good stuff in the post that this one excerpt doesn't do it justice. Head on over and read the whole thing.

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