Friday, March 18, 2011

Madison Bumgarner: The Right Choice for the Fifth Spot

After his game four gem in the World Series, I am expecting big things from Madison Bumgarner. The man is completely unfazed with anything you throw at him. He has the composure of a 20 year vet and the body of a 20 year-old kid.

The man is fearless going after hitters. If he gives up a HR to someone like Albert Pujols, his body language tells you "whatever, onto the next batter." I do like what Bochy is doing with leaving him in the five hole in the rotation. I believe he's the correct choice for the anchor of the premier staff in baseball. He's a much better anchor than Joe Blanton on the east coast beloved Phillies.

Mad Bum is only 21 years of age. I believe we have only scratched the surface of his talent level. His strikeout-to-walk rate was over three in his rookie season. He also has a very good ground ball rate at 45% and a fly ball rate at 38%. He also does a great job of keeping the ball in the park, with his HR/FB percentage at 8% last year (these numbers are a bit inflated because of the ball park he pitches in). For a fifth starter, I will take this any day of the week.

Final statement: Madison Bumgarner is the best fifth starter in Major League Baseball.

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