Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Honeymoon Period

What is the honeymoon period?
This is a topic that I have been kicking around for a while. I have informally been polling people asking people how long is the grace period the Giants just bought with their World Series victory over the Rangers with the length varying from as soon as the champagne is dry on the trophy it is back to work to a year.

I want to come down on the side giving some slack to Brian Sabean and company. It may not be popular or exciting or provocative to give the benefit of the doubt even for things that I disagree about but I feel like it is the right thing to do.

What just took place is happening for the first time in my lifetime and if are a fan of another team you will have to give me some time to adjust to this new feeling. The Giants were ridding the 2nd longest drought before this but our pain and suffering wasn't as in your face as Cubs or Red Sox fans but it was just as real. Finally making it to the top of the mountain for the first time is a life experience that I would never give back.

So the question that I am wrestling with is what is proper in this situation? How long do I give Giants management before I start calling them out for decisions that I think are boneheaded or calling for the head of the manager after some questionable pitching changes and double switches during a 5 game losing streak.

After all these idiots were the ones that delivered me this wonderful life experience. I don't want to me that ungrateful prick or heaven forbid a Yankee fan who complains that his team doesn't win the World Series every year.

The other side of the coin is that these windows of opportunity are fleeting and how can one hold their tongue and sit on their hands as stupid decisions are being made? The Giants have a historic pitching staff and they will all be together for the few seasons but we are one freak t-shirt cannon accident away from having to rebuild.

The Giants couldn't capitalize on having a team stacked with Hall of Famers in the 1960's, the team had an exciting young nucleus in the late 80's but kept falling short and then they had the best hitter of the last 40 years and couldn't get over the top.

These windows of opportunity are fickle and even the smallest mistake or bad luck can mean falling short so giving the benefit of the doubt even for one minute could be the difference between the rally monkey dancing all over the pieces of our broken hearts and hosting a parade down Market Street.

I feel like I am being pulled in two different directions, the one side of me wants to be the grateful fan and give the Giants a year and enjoy everything. The other side of me wants to be greedy and double down and go after it all again while taking no prisoners.

So the compromise that I have reached with myself is that I will give the Giants 1 (one) season without nitpicking and second guessing every single decision. I reserve the right to complain if it starts to feel like the team is resting on their laurels and are not making a good faith effort to win another championship.

I will still examine and obsess over everything but I have decided that baring a resting on laurels exception not to call for the head of the GM, the coach, or the benching of a player. Will this make things difficult as a blogger? Yeah maybe, but it will not make me feel icky as a fan.

So let me ask everyone, what is your honeymoon period going to be for the Giants? Or do they even get one in your mind?

How long is the Giants Honeymoon

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