Friday, March 4, 2011

Link Round-up

It has been a while since I did a link round-up. Here is the best links of the week and something to help pass the time on a Friday (100% Barry Zito free because I am ready to move past that topic):

24 Days of Magic: Interviewed Brandon Crawford and got him to join the Eric Surkamp fan club and admit that Buster Posey is as perfect as we all want to believe. Plus, he joined me for a podcast, so listen to that too.

Frisco Fastball: Gives us the follow-up to the "Don't Stop Believing" hit by Ashkon. This one is titled "Feelin’ Like A Giant" and it is by Bailey featuring Ashkon.

McCovey Chronicles: Grant revises the history books on the Bengie Molina/Buster Posey drama of last season.

Paapfly: Rory looks at a trade that wasn't and it's a good thing too because, in hindsight, it would have been a real stinker for the Giants.

Splashing Pumpkins: Ever wondered how a player's swing percentage on pitches outside the strikezone changes over time? Well, Julian wondered that and spent some time pulling data from fangraphs so we don't have to.

Triples Alley: An interesting article looking into productive outs and double plays.

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