Monday, March 21, 2011

Roster Spot Sample Ballot - My Votes

Otis from Bay City Ball put up a quick rundown of the options for the Giants roster battles and I figured I should throw my hat into the ring.

Eli Whiteside vs Chris Stewart:

This is a little tough but probably the one that means the least in terms of wins and losses. Whiteside got hurt and opened the door for Stewart who has tore it up Spring Training, going .318/.400/.545. In the grand scheme of things, one of these guys is going to be backing up Buster Posey and hopefully playing no more than twice a week. Stewart may be the better hitter of the two, but Whiteside has mythical defensive qualities that he picked up while backpacking through the Andes. This choice (like all important choices in life) was decided by a coin flip.

My Ballot: Stewart (tails took the best of seven series 4-2)

Jeff Suppan vs. The Field:

The last time Suppan was any good was 2006. That was before there were iPhones and people thought that Palm Treo's will revolutionary. So yeah, it has been a while and I don't think the goods are coming back anytime soon. The field here is the best and probably the only choice. You can take a flier on Ryan Vogelsong's awesome spring, you can hitch your wagon to Mark Kroon and his fastball, or go with old reliable Guillermo Mota.

My Ballot: the Field

Now we get to the real tough choice and the one that I am sure keeps the Giants front office workers up at night. Brandon Belt is the future but is he ready? Travis Ishikawa plays above average defense and is a decent left handed bat off the bench. Aaron Rowand is paid like an above average player but last season fell apart and never saw a slider that he couldn't flail at miserably. Nate Schierholtz is an excellent defender and the projection systems have always liked him to someday hit in the majors.

My Ballot: Rowand and Schierholz (with Belt coming up soon)

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