Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Programming Notes

For those of you that stop by regularly, I wanted to give you a heads up on what I have planned for the upcoming season (thanks to Splashing Pumpkins for the idea).

  • I plan on doing series previews (similar to the one I just posted for the Dodgers Series.) I may change around the formating but that will be the basic structure.
  • I plan on keeping the weekly podcast going but moving it to Sunday evenings. I will keep trying to get guests from around the Giants blogosphere to look back at the previous week's stories and what we expect for the following week.
  • I will be posting a weekly NL Power Rankings on Monday mornings. It will look like this one and I have one planned for tomorrow to start off the season.
  • I will keep my Friday Giants Link Round-Up going to give a shout out to the things that I liked throughout the week. Plus, everyone needs a distraction to help get through Friday.
  • I haven't fully decided if I want to keep this a regular feature, but I will give some updates on John Bowker.
  • On Twitter, I am planning on doing a daily tweet for "this day in Giants history," which will be a lot of fun. It has been a lot of fun to research and if you have something that you think I should do, let me know.
  • I will keep writing about all the things that interest me throughout the season. I don't plan on writing game recaps because that isn't my strength, so check out the beat writers for game stories, but I will try to point out interesting things that happen during games and try to dig deeper into what happens.
Thanks for your continued support (my one year anniversary of doing this is coming up next month, so that is exciting). If you you are looking for ways to connect to me, here are all the ways:


Or you can also leave a comment. I read them all and reply to all the ones I have time for.

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