Friday, March 25, 2011

Giants Link Round-Up 3/25

Opening day is six loooong days away. It's a rainy Friday and the injury bug is running rampant through the Giants clubhouse. Here are the best Giants links of the week to brighten things up (plus, they are Barry Bonds testimony free):

El Lefty Malo: The Importance of April 11th. It's truly an important date.

Paapfly: Nomar Garciaparra's Career. I was a little harsh on Twitter but feel free to make your own distinction.

Splashing Pumpkins: Robby Thompson's Record-Setting Day. I looked this up while getting ready for a "this day in Giants history tweet" and it impressed me then and still does here.

24 Days of Magic: We're World Champs. Do We Get to be Obnoxious Now? Andy answers all the questions that you may or may not have.

SF Giants Report: Hunger or Hangover in 2011? I hope for hunger bug I have to admit that I'm still a little hungover.

McCovey Chronicles: Newest member JT (formerly of Triples Alley) gives us Bridging the Gap.

Bay City Ball: Trouble at the keystone. Another one from Rory Paap but this time at his new gig, Bay City Ball. This post led me to create this one about the break even point for Miguel Tejada.

Fangraphs: The Giants' Big Flaw, keeping the Tejada theme going.

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