Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brian Wilson: The Most Interesting Man In The Baseball World

Through the Fence Baseball has a nice feature on Brian Wilson, who is deemed the most interesting man in baseball with good reason.
Busting onto the scene during last year’s improbable run to the World Series, Brian Wilson isn’t quite a household name, but he sure is trying his best to change that. With his outlandish interviews, ridiculous outfits, and shoe polished beard, Brian Wilson has officially transformed himself into the most entertaining man in Major League Baseball. And with the recent irrelevance of Manny Ramirez, there is nobody who comes close to competing for the title.
Right now, there doesn't seem to be any reason to suspect that the act is getting old or that his teammates are anything but amused with it. You have to wonder that if it keeps it metoric rise, it could begin to get on the nerves of those around like "Manny being Manny" did to the Red Sox and eventually the Dodgers.

Only time will tell and until then, I'm going to soak in the awesome.


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