Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Brandon Belt is Starting in Fresno

This will be really quick. Look at this picture. When Brandon Belt's bar is taller than the others, he will be on the roster and starting everyday. Until then, his service clock will be saved from ticking in Fresno.

Updated graph with axis at 0.
Right now, the educated guess is that he's close to surpassing, but not a better option than Pat Burrell in left field or Aubrey Huff at first base when compared to ZIPs projections (with the assumption that Burrell is a -7 run defender in left field, Huff is neutral at first base and Belt is a plus 3 run defender at first base).

This all could change with an injury or Burrell turning back into a pumpkin after his amazing run or Huff regressing more than most are expecting.

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