Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Baseball Gods Frown Upon Cody Ross

Cody Ross must have angered the Baseball Gods with this Tim Lincecum shirt that he showed off to the beat writers. Apparently this sort of modeling is frowned upon and his punishment is a calf injury.

From Extra Baggs:
Ross was playing right field and was running in to make a catch of a line drive when he strained his left calf. He limped off the field. A couple innings later, he and a trainer departed in a golf cart.
This is not good news for the Giants offense, but if Ross goes to the DL, it does alleviate the roster crunch a little bit (at least until Brandon Belt is ready). The big question is how serious this injury is and who the replacement is.

My gut feeling is that it's Aaron Rowand and he goes into center field, with Andres Torres shifting to right field. I would prefer Nate Schierholtz getting the nod or even the best case of Brandon Belt making the team and Aubrey Huff moving out to right field, but at the moment, that's nothing more than a pipe dream.

This will be an interesting thing to watch play out.

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