Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Giants Offensive Explosion

Thank you Chicago; you're my kind of town. Yesterday, the Giants offense had more explosions than a Michael Bay movie and, even as a snooty cultured left coaster who loves some drama, I could learn to appreciate a few more of these big budget explosion fests.

In one day, the Giants scored 19 runs, which is more runs than the team had scored in their last seven games combined (even though they had gone 5-2 in that stretch). At the start of the day, the Giants were averaging just 3.39 runs per game, dead last in the majors. Now, they are averaging a robust 3.55 and have put the lowly Padres back where they belong in the runs per game cellar.

The other positive note is that with the two blowouts and a seven game winning streak, this has moved the Giants to the positive side for their season run differential. Hopefully this helps the pundit class to take them a little more seriously.

Just for fun, here are the Giants run distribution to date and also the team record when they score certain runs.

The Giants seem to do pretty well when they score three or more runs (40-9). They should try to make this scoring runs thing a habit.

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