Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am Glad that May is Over

I am glad that the month of May is done and I am sure the Giants are as well. It has been a pretty lousy month despite the team going 16-12. They played really poorly and won a bunch of close games that really could have gone either way and also lost their best hitter for the season.

After a month like that, you really start to question how far this team can go. If this is the true talent level, this team is going to be a disappointment to a lot of people.

The lowlights of the month:

The Giants were outscored 95-90. The average margin of victory was just 1.8 runs, while the average margin of defeat was 2.8 runs. That isn't a recipe for prolonged success.

They scored more than four runs in just six of their 28 games with an overall runs per game for the month of 3.21. In losses, the offense managed to score just 2.25 runs per game.

Jay Bruce hit one less home run (12) in the month of May than the entire team (13).

The Giants starters put up a 2.74 ERA for the month, the best mark in the majors. However, they finished with a 9-9 record, even though they managed five shutouts during the month.

Miguel Tejada and Aaron Rowand hit a combined .206 with no home runs, 36 strikeouts, and just six walks in 176 plate appearances.

In 25.3 innings, the three Giants left handed relievers had a 6.40 ERA while allowing 42% of their 121 batters faced to reach base.

Hopefully June is a better month for the Giants.

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