Friday, June 10, 2011

To be Cained - Defined

If you were ever wondering what the phrase getting "Cained" meant, look no further than what happened to Madison Bumgarner last night. He went seven innings and gave up one run while walking none and striking out seven, yet this morning, he is the proud owner of a loss.

If you want a more official definition of "Cained" here is what you get when you look it up on Urban Dictionary:

1. To be overlooked despite outstanding performance due to being overshadowed by teammates thanks to the ignorance of the media, such what frequently happens to San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain after pitching a good game.

2. Alternatively, it can refer to having one's good work spoiled by teammates' incompetence, such as when Matt Cain gives up only two runs but nonetheless loses due to a lack of run support.

Example 1: I discovered a cure for cancer, but my boss took all the credit. I got Cained.

Example 2: I spent months setting up the experiments, but my labmate Cained me by accidentally deleting all the data.
Yeah, that sums up what happened to Bumgarner last night. I guess if he wants to win, he will have to follow Cain's lead and drive in his own runs.

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