Thursday, June 9, 2011

Aaron Rowand Shouldn't Start Against Righties

As friend of the blog @notGiantGM likes to remind us, Aaron Rowand is not a good hitter against right handed pitchers and especially ones that throw sliders. The only reason that he should be penciled in the starting lineup against a righty is because a sea lion got loose in the Giants clubhouse and injured every other person with an outfield glove and replacements from Fresno couldn't make the game in time.

For those with weak stomaches the following is hard to look at, so feel free to turn away.

In 128 plate appearances this season against right handers, he is the proud owner of a .519 OPS.

His isolated power is .092.

He has more strikeouts than hits. It's not really close either (33 vs. 22).

His on base percentage is just 30 points higher than his listed weight. Yes, you read that right, his on-base percentage is just barely above his weight and we aren't talking Fat Panda or Prince Fielder here.

Every outfielder on the team right now is probably a better option. Aaron Rowand is sporting a .237 wOBA, which is 58 percent below league average. The other Giants sport the following:

Pat Burrell: .380 wOBA
Andres Torres: .373 wOBA
Nate Schierholtz: .354 wOBA
Cody Ross: .337 wOBA

No amount of gamerism is enough to overcome the gap between him and his colleagues and there is no good reason that he should be starting against right handed pitchers.

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