Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brain Wilson's Control Nearly Does in the Giants

Last night's game was a little more exciting than most of us would have liked. Bruce Bochy made some questionable decisions in the game but in the end, the result was a Giants victory so I won't spend too much time complaining.

There is one thing that I wanted to touch on from the game and that was the final inning of the game. Brian Wilson came in to close the game out and got the first two outs without any issues and then walked Kelly Johnson and Justin Upton.

The walks are killers and I have to say that I am a little nervous with Wilson this year. His walk rate is at its highest since his rookie season in 2006 and it seems like he's trying to be too careful. I don't like it and in this game, his lack of control brought Stephen Drew to the plate with the tying run in scoring position and the winning run on base.

During the at-bat, Wilson uncorked a wild pitch to move the runner to second and third where a base hit could have ended the game. In the end, he got some help from the umpire, as he got a pitch off the outside corner for a called third strike to end the game.

Drew didn't like the call and looking at the pitch fx, he probably had a minor case to make, as the pitch was a couple inches off the plate.

In the end, the Giants won, but not before giving the Diamondbacks every opportunity to steal this game away from them.

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