Friday, June 3, 2011

Small Sample Size Fun: Aubrey Huff Edition

So how about that.

Scoring runs is nice but 19 runs in two games that is crazy. I think someone needs to x-ray the Giants bats looking for cork or something. This just seems unnatural.

So let's have some fun with the small sample size that is June so far for the Giants offensive leader:

Aubrey Huff is hitting .556/ .600/ 1.889 for the month but his BABIP is just .200, imagine what happens if he stops getting unlucky and the hits start falling.

In his two games this month he has accumulated 0.6 WAR his first positive month of the year.

Huff has an isolated power of 1.333, Barry Bonds career best was .536 so expect the intentional walks to start piling up soon.

Huff's pace for the month, 56 home runs, 56 runs, 98 RBIs. I think that would end up being pretty good.

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