Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Rise of Ryan Vogelsong

My latest contribution over at Davis Sports Deli, The Rise of Ryan Vogelsong:
When Barry Zito went down with a foot injury on April 16th , most Giants fans were hoping that the guy who replaced him would eat innings to save the bullpen from overwork. If he was able to keep the Giants in games that was a bonus; basically all we wanted was a guy who could be like Todd Wellemeyer was last season.

Instead the Giants have gotten a guy who has pitched like an ace in Ryan Vogelsong.

Scott: Vogelsong took the long road to joining the Giants rotation, he was originally drafted by the team in the fifth round and came up through the minors and got a cup of coffee and 34 innings with the Giants before being a piece in the trade that sent Jason Schmidt to the Giants. This was a great trade for the Giants as Schmidt blossomed into an ace and then as icing on the cake signed a big money deal with the Dodgers and was an albatross on their payroll for years. He had injury troubles with Pittsburgh and bounced around the minor leagues and Japan before coming back on a minor league deal with the Giants.

This seemed destined to be Vogelsong’s Giants legacy; an answer to a trivia question but never remembered for his accomplishments on the field. Now it might be time to re-think that...

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