Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baseball Bloggers Alliance: All-Star Ballot

It's All-Star time again and as a proud member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance I need to submit my National League ballot for the All-Star team.

I have already gone over who I think are the deserving Giants to make the team but there will be no position players that are good enough to make the cut as my choices and I most certainly am not voting "the ticket" because well I don't have a vote for the American League so there will be no Red Sox on this list.

So here is my ballot.


Brian McCann, Braves

If Buster Posey weren't hurt I think that I would be probably putting his name here but McCann is a great choice. He is putting up a .300/ .379/ .512 line with 13 home runs and a wOBA of .381. This makes me incredibly jealous because no Giant hitter is near these numbers and makes me miss Buster Posey.

First Base:

Prince Fielder, Brewers

This was a hard choice to make between Fielder and Votto but in the end the superior power numbers put Fielder over the top for me. His .306/ .428/ .616 line is ridiculous especially considering that the Giants everyday first baseman Aubrey Huff can't even muster a slugging percentage as high as Fielder's on base percentage.

Second Base:

Rickie Weeks, Brewers

Thinking about Brewers hitters will cause Giants fans to want to break things so I will make this short and sweet. Weeks is really good, his brother is really exciting to watch but Rickie is one of the better players in the majors right now.

Third Base:

Chase Headley, Padres

This one was really hard to choose because there are 3 kind of meh choices. Ultimately I went with Headley because he is putting up impressive numbers even though he plays half his games in Petco. His road numbers look really really good and even his overall numbers look pretty good. In a regular year it is probably not enough to make it but this year it is and he has my vote.

Short Stop:

Miguel Tejada, Giants

Ha ha ha, just kidding. The real choice is Jose Reyes who is having a career year and is the envy of every Giants fan. It is great to see Reyes back because he was one of the great rising stars in the league and it was said to see him miss so much time due to injury.


Matt Kemp, Dodgers, Andrew McCutchen, Pirates and Lance Berkman, Cardinals

Kemp has turned in the kind of year that he has always shown the talent that he was capable of and all I can say is thank God there is no one else on the Dodgers to back him up. Leading the league in slugging and wOBA while stealing over 20 bases that all star stuff and a potential MVP season.

McCutchen is an amazing player and I hope that for some reason he is the next Pirate that leads the Giants to great things following in the footsteps of Barry Bonds, Jason Schmidt and Ryan Vogelsong.

Last is Berkman who I thought was on his last legs and might be just a role player this season. Well it looks like that role is middle of the order thumper. Berkman may not have the third best numbers among NL outfielders but he is a great story who has put up very good numbers and deserves to play in another All-Star game.

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