Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fun Graph: Aubrey Huff's Season wOBA

Aubrey Huff has struggled this season compared to last year but lately, he has started to look like he's coming out of his funk a little bit.

In order to look at his seaso,n I decided to graph his season to date performance using his weighted on base average (wOBA):

Click for larger view
The blue line is his wOBA for each game, the green line is his season wOBA, and the red line is a five game moving average.

His wOBA stabilized pretty quickly and has been in the .270-.300 range for the large portion of the season. Over the last 15 games, however, he has started to push his season number up, with a .417 wOBA over that stretch.

The other interesting patterns we can see in the graph is since his recent hot streak, he also had a brief hot streak in mid May before sliding back into his funk. Hopefully for the Giants offense, this current hot streak has some longer legs.

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