Friday, February 4, 2011

Pablo Sandoval causes a media circus

If you want to see a media circus tell reporters that Pablo Sandoval is going to be speaking at a press conference.

Today was media day for the Giants and among the players that were available to talk to one was Pablo Sandoval. Sandoval has been working out in Arizona and the media have not had a chance to see or talk to him in the flesh since the last outs of the World Series and it is safe to say that there was some pent up demand.

The writers and photogs were lined up like the paparazzi outside of Angelina Jole's house, check out the facebook page for that photo.

Pablo came in looking good and was noticeably slimmer by my rough estimation he was a good 20 pounds lighter then his listed 250 from last year and maybe 30 or more pounds less then what he was at the end of last season. Pablo was shy and didn't want to give an exact amount (or for that matter even a ball park) of how much he had loss but the difference is noticeable.

There was the usual questions about his training and how he has dedicated himself to this new lifestyle but the real bomb shell hit after yours truly (excuse me while I pat myself on the back) asked if his training discipline would carry over into better plate discipline this season and Pablo responded that it might but what would really help is the time he has spent working with Barry.

Yes THAT Barry.

Pablo has been spending time and getting tips from what of the greatest Giants hitters of all time. When that bomb shell went off the all of the writers heads went from buried in their notebooks to open jawed amazement.

Sandoval was introduced to Barry Bonds through a mutual trainer Greg Oliver, and Bonds has been working with him recently as Sandoval just started hitting practice again after spending most of the off season focusing on conditioning.

I will hold out hope that Barry can teach him a thing or two, it seems weird one of the most patient hitters ever trying to work with one of the most aggressive hitters in baseball. I hope that it works out for Sandoval.

Found the video of me asking the question, courtesy of CSN Bay Area.

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