Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cody Ross 2011 Projection

I am getting a little bit behind schedule so there will be quite a few of these coming out in the next couple of days. Today, it is the man slated to be the every day right fielder and playoff hero: Cody Ross.

Most projections that you will see give you one line of stats. I know my limitations, so I will gave you that line of stats, but also a best case and a worst case scenario, so you can get an idea of my general range for that player.

Without further ado, the projection:

2011 Projections.267.320.4396830217717
Best Case.293.352.4838840323939
Worst Case.245.298.4104825212505

One of the things I have come to realize is that some Giants fans have unrealistic expectations for Ross after his hot playoff performance. This is not typical production that should be expected over a full season. Spurts of hot streaks like that are great, but fans should temper their expectations of Ross heading into 2011.

I think Cody is a good player and I am eternally grateful that he single handedly carried the offense for a good chunk of the playoffs, but I expect that he will be a league average hitter in 2011 like he has for most of his career. Over his 636 career games, he has an OPS+ of 104 and a wRC+ of 106. Nice numbers, but not the same level as his playoff line of .294/.390/.686.

Not to burst any bubbles, but Ross is not likely to be an MVP candidate in 2011. However, you can expect a decent average, some pop, decent speed, and above average defense.

If you expect more, this is your reality check.

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