Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Miguel Tejada's 2011 Projection

The 2011 projections continue today with Giants newcomer Miguel Tejada. He is a savvy vet, an All-Star, and certain to hit in the heart of Bruce Bochy's early 2011 lineups (cringe).

Most projections that you will see give you one line of stats. I know my limitations, so I will gave you that line of stats, but also a best case and a worst case scenario, so you can get an idea of my general range for that player.

Without further ado, the projection:

2011 Projections.269.315.3997730114773
Best Case.305.346.439100383191004
Worst Case.249.283.3595422010542

Last year, Tejada was a below average third baseman while playing for Baltimore and a slightly above average shortstop for San Diego. If he can give the Giants what he gave San Diego last season, I think that he will more than hold up his end of the bargain on this one year deal. If he lives up to his projection, I will be happy. If he gives anything more, I will be tickled pink, but in the back of my mind, I worry about an Edgar Renteria-like injury bug biting him.

The key for Tejada and what has made him valuable throughout his career is his ability to keep playing. I have pored over his injury history and there is nothing there to suggest that the end is near for his career. However, I still worry about a guy in his late 30's playing a position that requires a great deal of athleticism.

Enough with the worrying. Here is what I expect; a free swinger who will avoid walks at nearly all costs. He will play rickety defense that will make fans cover their eyes at times and, baring catastrophic failure, should give the Giants league average or better offense for a shortstop. When you put it all together, it should come together right around league average.

Hey, it could have been worse. Hopefully, Bochy dosen't bat him in the 5th or 6th spot for too long before he finds a new home at the bottom of the order.

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