Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Giants Bench Projections

I have gone through all the regular position players, so now it is time to look at the guys that I expect to start the season on the bench.

Again, like the regulars, I give a projection, a best case, and a worst case.

Travis Ishikawa

2011 Projections.260.321.406371416351
Best Case.286.353.446481828462
Worst Case.234.289.365261014250

Ishikawa could be in some trouble if Brandon Belt is the real deal. The need for his plus defense and lefty bat would be redundant, as Belt has that and much more upside. Ishikawa will be fighting to show that he deserves to be on the team or he may be headed out of town in the roster crunch at the end of Spring Training (similar to Fred Lewis last season).

Aaron Rowand

2011 Projections.250.309.3984920112455
Best Case.275.339.4386326116596
Worst Case.225.278.3358341419323

The $60 million dollar man has not exactly lived up to that billing in his time with San Francisco. I expect that he will be better than last season, but he is fighting for the 4th outfield spot which will limit his playing time. If he has a good Spring and the Giants are willing to eat most of the contract, he is another trade candidate to free up room on the 25 man roster.

Nate Schierholtz

2011 Projections.259.315.406401845295
Best Case.285.346.447522357377
Worst Case.233.283.366281234203

The projection systems all love Nate, with both Zips and Bill James projecting a line around .275/.320/.430, but he has yet to turn in a full season of solid play. If he could approach his projections, he could supplant Cody Ross or Pat Burrell in the outfield. If not, he is destined to be a defensive replacement who only gets the occasional at-bat.

Eli Whiteside

2011 Projections.235.291.37919915192
Best Case.259.320.417251126252
Worst Case.212.262.34114613131

Whiteside should only play once or twice a week, so I don't care all that much about what he does with the bat (as long as he holds on to it and doesn't fling it into the dugout, injuring Buster Posey or any of the starting pitchers).

Mike Fontenot

2011 Projections.270.327.388361934352
Best Case.297.360.42746243534
Worst Case.243.300.349251323242

Fontenot doesn't give much to be excited about. He is here for depth and Freddy Sanchez injury insurance.

Mark DeRosa

2011 Projections.255.330.3954515310502
Best Case.274.351.4145520514603
Worst Case.224.287.339281017281

DeRosa is a hard one to project. There are a number of questions surrounding his wrist and if he can regain his swing that he had two seasons ago. If he is healthy and productive, he could be a very valuable guy to have moving around the diamond, giving guys a day off without sacrificing any offensive production. If he isn't healthy, well I guess we know that the team is capable of winning without him.

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