Friday, February 4, 2011

Could the Giants players put the kibosh on the Showtime series?

It was announced last month that the Giants would be doing a reality series for Showtime along the lines of "Hard Knocks" that follows them through out the season. There is just one problem the players have not given their blessing to the show which could muck things up.

Real GM is reporting that there will be a vote by the players at a team meeting today.
Giants general manager Brian Sabean said that players will review plans for a potential television series about the team during a meeting Friday, since their approval is necessary.

"They have to reframe or reiterate the plan and see if it's accepted by the group," Sabean said on Thursday.

Sabean acknowledged that "consternation" about the program arose when the venture was publicly announced last month by Showtime and MLB Productions.
I have expressed my worry about this a few times so this makes me wonder if the players share that same concern. I guess we will see how this all plays out.

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