Friday, February 25, 2011

Bowkermania! Update: Looking at the Projections

It has been a while since we had our last Bowkermania! update. Ladies and gentlemen, lets take a look at the projections for the sites favorite Giants prospect castoff.

Most of the projection systems are pretty high on John Bowker being able to play at a major league average or better level.

Bill James is very bullish (but he is bullish on everyone it seems), giving him a triple slash of .276/.338/.469. With these numbers, he would be an above average outfielder.

PETCOA shares the optimism, projecting a .268/.342/.457 line, which would be fairly comparable to a league average right fielder.

Zips isn't quite as high as the other two, coming in with a .264/.329/.430 line, which would still be good enough for 102 OPS+, which is right around league average.

Marcel, which doesn't take into account his minor league Babe Ruth status, is the outlier of the group, projecting a .242/.300/.392 line and another season toiling in the minors, with a cup of coffee in September when the Pirates are 25 games back.

The projections are all pretty good, but the time to prove that he isn't just a AAA lifer is running out for Bowker, who is competing for the last outfield spot on the Pirates. Maybe another spring like last year can get him another chance to prove himself.

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