Monday, January 31, 2011

Giants Fans to use a plane to taunt the Dodgers for Season Opener

The Dodgers are jelous
The Giants and Dodgers Opening day drama just went to the next level.

The Giants and Dodgers rivalry is pretty intense but even the most intense rivalries need a little gasoline thrown on them every once in while. This is where  F**k Yeah! Shut Up, Inc. has stepped in, FYSU Inc is raising money to hire a plan to tow a sign that reads "Giants 2010 Champs: BEAT LA" for the 3 game series opener in Los Angeles.

This is coming after the Dodgers decided against playing nice with ESPN and MLBs request to move the opening game to San Francisco so that the raising of the World Series banner could be nationally televised.

So this is the perfect counter measure for Giants fans and I hope that the national TV cameras get a nice shot of the plane flying overhead.

Here is some more info and as of today this effort is half way to making it a reality:
Two years ago one man came up with an idea. He waited for the perfect time to enact this diabolical, yet beautiful concept. One concept, one idea, that would shock the sports world while leaving Southern California feeling empty inside. Now is the time. 
As most of you die hard fans know, The World Champion San Francisco Giants open up Major League Baseball play at Chavez Ravine in Los Angeles. In this hostile environment The World Champion San Francisco Giants will need the support of The World Champion San Francisco Giant's Faithful. The plan is to fly a banner 3 miles above Chavez Ravine that says, "Giants 2010 Champs: BEAT LA". This banner will fly in Los Angeles for the Thursday, Saturday and Sunday games for an hour and 20 minutes. It is a great way to pay tribute to The World Champion San Francisco Giants while giving the other organization a taste of what it is like to be World Series Champions: something they haven't tasted since 1988. So, we ask the faithful of The World Series San Francisco Giants to pledge whatever you can to make this idea, this dream, a reality.
There are numerous options out there to help donate for the cause, some with some awesome names.

So if you've got some spare change laying around this is a worthy cause to help out.

h/t 22gigantes (a donor to the cause), @ieeewok and L.A. Weekly (who has the panties in a wad over this)

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