Friday, January 28, 2011

Giants Link Round-Up

All of the Giants links fit to print.

Frisco Fastball: Brian Wilson Appears As Sea Mariner On George Lopez Show, Oh that bearded one.

El Lefty Malo: The Song of Kroon: Best Story Line of Spring Training? Mark Kroon will be an interesting guy to watch in the Spring as he does his best impression of Rick Vaughn from Major League. A hard thrower with a record 162kmph fastball in Japan.

Bay City Ball: Chris Ray to the Mariners – A Moment to Remember the Molina Trade. Some good perspective on the trade that quite possibly put the team over the top last year. Also a new site design that looks very nice, gotta love the addition of some more orange and black.

Raising Matt Cain: A look at the historic run of pitching in September where they held their opponents to under 3 runs per game. Check out the whole series, I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII with more to come.

Give 'em Some Stankeye!: Bound To Disappoint? Paulie is on the same wavelength as me on this with the worries starting to creep in about next season.

24 Days of Magic: Demystifying the Nerd Stats: VORP and Relationships, Your introduction to Value Over Replacement Wife/Girl Friend, and situations that you can use it in like this:
Your wife watches the baby so you can go watch Timmy strike out 14 Braves even though she'd been watching the baby all day: 96 VORW
Obsessive Giants Compulsive: 2010 Giants Fluke: Sabean Naysayers and D-gers Fans Are Like One Mind. Strange bedfellows a World Series makes.

22gigantes: Sanchez On Pace For Opening Day, sweet!

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