Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Giants Tempt Fate with Showtime Series

When the news first broke that the Giants would be getting their own documentary series on Showtime I was excited and thinking of ways to convince my wife that it was a great deal to upgrade to the premium channels (the first month is FREE!).

Then I remembered what happened in Rocky 3.

Clubber Lang is looking to
take down the Champs
Now most everyone knows the story of Rocky, first movie he is a no one who is given a shot and takes the champ the distance but falls just short. I see this as the 2009 season, the Giants were a no one coming off a 4th place finish and hung with the Champs (Dodgers and Rockies) before falling just short.

In the second movie, Rocky with a chip on his shoulder takes on the Apollo Creed again and this time he wins. This was the Giants last year, after years of adversity and heartbreak they broke through.

In Rocky 3, Rocky has gotten soft. He is the Champ and doesn't need the same crazy training that he did in the past (like the Giants standing pat this off-season). When he agrees to fight a hungry up and comer that wants his title (the other 29 teams in baseball) he invites the media to his training sessions and poses for the cameras while sparring.

This is where I see the Giants right now. They are hamming it up after a magical run. It is much deserved but winning a second World Series is harder when you have the target on your back.

The worrier in me is afraid of the champs getting soft from all the champagne and caviar while the Clubber Langs of the world train in the shadows with the Giants names circled on the calendar.

Look the 2010 Giants were a great team, but they had some magical karma working for them too. I worry that this TV show is an invitation for the universe to even things out. I hope for the best but if a rash of injuries strike I know where my blame is landing.

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