Friday, January 14, 2011

I Wanna Fight Brian Wilson, uhh not me but this guy does

Brian Wilson is scared of no man.
A disgruntled Oakland A's fan has extended a formal invitation to fight Brian Wilson.

I guess that you could say that Giants closer Brian Wilson is umm polarizing. Not Sarah Palin polarizing but none the less most baseball fans have an opinion of the guy, either bad or good.

Some think that he is pretty awesome but I guess some think that his shtick is a little much. I think that they are just blinded by the crazy awesome and wild character that he is (come one the machine is just awesome) to see it for themselves.

So here is the formal invitation that has been extended to Wilson.
So this is a formal invite for Brian Wilson to spar me in a legal boxing match in a boxing gym. Any gym he wants any time he wants. It would be a legal sparring match with full headgear and other safety equipment so there is no risk of him getting "seriously" hurt. There would be a ref, and all amateur boxing rules would apply. So if Brian Wilson is a real "tuff guy" like he tries to promote himself to be, and wants to challenge me to fight in a situation where i would get arrested, then I'm sure he is tuff enough to take on this challenge and get into a ring with me and have a legal boxing match! The ball is in his court now!
The guy's hatred dates all the way back to May 23rd of last year after been a dick to Wilson when he was signing autographs for the little kiddies.

I hope this guy Nick (if that is his real name) does get his fight and Wilson puts him in his place. I don't see it happening and for this guy he may get some publicity but I think that $9.99 plus whatever overpriced fee godaddy is charging to host his crappy website he spent registering was money down the toilet.

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