Thursday, January 13, 2011

Giants Links Round-Up

All of the Giants links fit to print.

Bay City Ball: Chris and Otis are going through their version of the Giants top 15 prospects. #15 to #11 and #10 to #6 are up with the top 5 coming soon.

Lefty Malo: Mr Malo brings us a look at the NL West breaking down each team. Part 1 and Part 2.

Frisco Fastball: Bryan wants you to vote for the biggest foe for the Giants next season. (Side note, I really hate the nickname "Frisco" and cringe every time I see it. Does anyone else feel that way?)

Golden Gate Giants: First off welcome back after your fanball issues. Dave talks about the reasons for the Giants relatively quiet off-season.

In the Shadow of Bonds: Greg is also looking in to the quietness of the off-season and doesn't see anything wrong with that strategy.

Paapfly: Rory has a great piece and an awesome title at PaapFly "How Sabean and the Giants go to WAR", it is a must read for Sabean haters. Kind of reminds me of something I wrote back in the beginning of the off season so read that too.

Splashing Pumpkins: Julian has been a busy guy (I wish I had the time to write as much as he does) he has a run down of the Giants top prospects. The list (So Far): Brandon Belt, Francisco Peguero, Ehire Adrianza, Zach Wheeler, Thomas Neal and Eric Surkamp.

Triples Alley: Every body needs some of this, "Some Brandon Belt Love."

While I am here I should also point out some of my own favorites here too. Check out why it is okay to be skeptical about Pablo Sandoval's weight loss. Check out the new NL Power Rankings and listen to the latest podcast.

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