Monday, January 10, 2011

Pablo Sandoval Weight Loss Update (Part 2)

Pablo Sandoval has lost another 6 pounds since our last update on December 1st. Not quite the big drop like after the end of the season where he lost 10 pounds in a month at his own version of the biggest loser.

This report comes courtesy of Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle. There are two new takes on the weight loss.

The first comes from former Giant Rich Aurilia who lives near the training facility that Sandoval is spending the off-season at. He ran into him just before Christmas where Sandoval said that he had lost 17 pounds since the World Series.

"When I saw him he looked great. He really did," Aurilia said. "I think his mind-set hopefully has changed in a sense that he knows what's at stake not only for the team but his own individual health and career. That's where the maturity process has to come, when you as an individual have to decide to do whatever you can to help your team and help yourself."

The second report is from Sandoval's native Venezuela where he said that he had lost "16 kilos" with the goal of dropping 24 by the start of spring training. Schulman says that the kilos number was mis-translated and should have been pounds.

That is probably true because if he had lost 16 kilos that comes to 35.2739619 pounds according to my handy dandy google converter and I doubt that he has dropped that much in just a couple weeks.

Anyway that's some more good news from the Pablo who can hopefully regain his all-star form and become a plus hitter that he was in 2009. If he is able to things look much better for the reigning champions.

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