Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hardball Times Top Giants Prospects

This morning the Hardball Times came out with their top 10 prospects for the Giants and the Dodgers.

The list is similar to what others have come up with but there are a few surprises. They went with Zach Wheeler as the top prospect (they love his ace like ceiling) over Brandon Belt. They are higher then others on last years top draft choice Gary Brown then most others. The other thing that I noticed is that they are down on Thomas Neal and Francisco Peguero then most others.

Here is the list.

1. Zack Wheeler - SP
2. Brandon Belt - 1B
3. Gary Brown - OF
4. Eric Surkamp - SP
5. Jorge Bucardo - RP/SP
6. Thomas Joseph - C/1B
7. Ehire Adrianza - SS
8. Rafael Rodriguez - OF
9. Thomas Neal - OF
10. Francisco Peguero - OF

Click through for the explanations and thoughts.

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