Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Concussions are a Joking Matter to @MLB

Major League Baseball made a big deal this off season in doing something to help protect players better from concussions, but the official Twitter account doesn't seem to have gotten the memo.

In last nights game Chris Stewart got hit in the head on the back swing by the Dodgers Aaron Miles. He was checked out by Giants trainers and finished the inning but was replaced afterward as a precaution.

It is frankly in bad taste to make light of someone getting hit in the head with a bat with the number of studies coming out showing the seriousness of concussions. MLB did the right thing by giving teams more options on how to go about dealing with concussions but now that an official outlet for the sport is making light of a serious issue I have to question if they were serious or if it was all just for getting good PR.

I hope that the people in charge of the official twitter account have better judgment in the future.

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