Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Giants "All-Star" Performances

The Giants are sending 3 of their starting pitchers to the All-Star game (thank you Bruce Bochy) and not everyone is happy with this. I think that the guys are deserving of making the game but each in their last start out was a little less than stellar and didn't do much to help make their case.

From July 3-5 the Giants All-Star pitchers pitched back to back to back. The Giants went 0-3 in this stretch with the combined line of the pitchers being 18.2 innings allowing 11 runs (10 earned) good for a 4.84 ERA, with 15 strikeouts and 6 walks.

The average game score for the 3 starts was just 49.7 well below what these guys normally do. The averages for the year for these guys is: Matt Cain 58.2, Tim Lincecum 58.3, and Ryan Vogelsong 58.1.

Each of them will get one more shot before the All-Star game to shut up the critics that Bruce Bochy was just playing favorites.

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