Monday, July 11, 2011

Trade Deadline Buzz: Peguero for Cuddyer

Over at ESPN Matt Meyers has a post on 5 NL trades that should happen(Insider Required) and one of them involves the Giants trading for Michael Cuddyer.
It's possible that the Giants will decide to bask in the glow of their 2010 title and not bother with a mid-season upgrade, but this club is in desperate need of some offense. If they get a bat or two, they can repeat.

The Twins need to start looking to the future, and Cuddyer, who's 32 and a free agent after this year, probably isn't a part of it. He's an ideal NL player because he can play first base or right field, as well as second or third in a pinch. Therefore, he would give manager Bruce Bochy a ton of flexibility on double switches. Also, Cuddyer has the extra special veteran glow the Giants so desperately covet.

Francisco Peguero, who Keith Law ranked as the Giants' No. 4 prospect in the preseason, missed the first couple of months of the season with a knee injury. The 23-year-old has posted an .849 OPS since his recent promotion to Double-A, and would be a good return for a free-agent-to-be such as Cuddyer.
This is an interesting trade idea and I think that it makes a good amount of sense for both teams. Using this handy dandy trade evaluation tool if we assume that Cuddyer has a WAR of 1.25 over the last 2 months of the season he would have a surplus value of approximately $3.2 million.

The other wrinkle to consider is the possibility of getting some potential draft picks if he leaves as a free agent as MLB Trade Rumors has him listed as a potential Type A Free Agent which would increase his potential value another $5 million or so giving him a total potential surplus value of around $8 million.

On the flip side Peguero is a toolsy B prospect with good speed and some decent gap power. He doesn't walk at all so he is dependent on being able to hit for a high average to be valuable which is the big unknown for him as he has just 17 games above A ball. A prospect of his caliber should be worth around $4-5 million, this would make it a pretty fair trade for both teams.

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