Saturday, July 16, 2011

Torres, Torres, Torres

San Francisco Giants center fielder Andres Torres bats against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field in Denver on May 17, 2011. UPI/Gary C. Caskey
Andres Torres is fast. It's the truth. If you lok it up in the baseball bible of your choice, it will tell you the same. As the second half gets underway, one of the key components of last year's improbable run needed to get going. It looks like Andres Torres is doing just that.

With a stolen base, three hits and a catch that made my heart simultaneously tap my toes and then tickle my ears, Torees helped shepherd the Giants toward a fourth consecutive victory. What's the different you may ask? It seems he took some time with Muellens in the cage before the game to work on his mechanics. He might have just taken time off during the break to practice his strut or he's just really excited for this weekend's big Potter premier.

Yes, only magic could explain this quick turnaround. Well, that or he might have gotten his groove back. After the catch in the fourth there was a noticeable swagger in his step. Perhaps it was last week's 'disrespectin' that Torres received from San Diego reliever Chad Qualls. Torres felt upstaged when Chad spiked the ball after being tagged out at the plate.

He took umbrage. He said it was inappropriate. He got angry, huge and turned bright orange and black. He's since turned into the cayenne pepper in the delicious burrito that is the Giants going 6-1 in their last 7.
Torres has raised his average from .218 to .234, been on base 10 times and stolen 2 bases in that stretch. There's a bounce in his step and a noticeable gleam in his eye.

Maybe we're seeing the resurgence of a player that helped catapult the team to the top last year. Maybe this is the infectious enthusiasm they need to power their way through the dog days. Maybe, just maybe, we'll see a team that scores more than three runs a night...I kid.

But it looks like Torres is back. I'm excited for the second half, aren't you?

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