Friday, July 29, 2011

Bonds' Season for the Ages

There is an excellent article on Fangraphs by Chris Cwik about Barry Bonds' 2004 season. The amazing thins is that with Bonds you could write something this like this nearly everyday and have enough material to last a few months.

Here is an excerpt but be sure to read the full thing:
Barry Bonds terrorized major league pitchers and managers in 2004. The proof: He walked 232 times — 120 of which were intentional. Both numbers are single-season records, which, to this point, no one has come close to touching. Needless to say, Bonds’ 2004 was a pretty unique year...

Bonds posted one of the most unique seasons of all time in 2004. The fear and intimidation he instilled in managers around the league may never be replicated. In 162 regular season games, Barry Bonds was handed 120 intentional base on balls; a truly staggering number. No player has ever come close to reaching those heights, and it’s nearly impossible to predict another player who can come along and duplicate the feat. Today, even the best hitters in baseball don’t receive the respect managers gave Bonds in 2004. What we have here is truly one of the most bizarre seasons in baseball history; one that we — as fans — will likely never experience again.
Some more amazing facts, he walked in 37.6% of his plate appearances, so even if he never got a hit he would have posted on base percentage of .376 which would have made him tied for 37th best without getting one single hit!

Yeah I really doubt we are ever seeing anything like this ever again. Simply amazing.

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