Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Barry Zito Throws Batting Practice

For the sick souls that want to relive last nights beating let's take a look at the meat balls that the Phillies hammered against Barry Zito.

First Inning:

Ryan Howard hits a double. This pitch wasn't too bad but an 84 mph inside fastball isn't gonna fool too many guys and Howard turned on the pitch. The Giants made him look like he was worth the $20 million plus the Phillies will be paying him next hundred seasons.

Raul Ibanez cranks a 81 mph cutter/change up a long way for a 3 run homer. This one was just a fat pitch, belt high with almost no movement (just 3 inches horizontal break and 5 inches vertical). This one was put on a tee.

Fourth Inning:

John Mayberry Jr. got himself a hanging curve ball and got full extension and took it way out of here. This was definitely a hanger as it got about 2 inches less vertical break than his average curve ball last night and at belt high and 71 mph the margin for error was very small.

Sixth Inning:

Chase Utley hits an inside the park home run (he may or may not have been out, but it really didn't matter in the end). Utley took a outside fastball at 84 and drove it off the center field fall. The pitch wasn't horrible but when you put something fat thigh high against a hitter like Utley you shouldn't be surprised when something bad happens.

Zito would go on to give up another double to Mayberry in the seventh but it didn't hurt him. His final line was 7 innings (honestly who have thought that it is a good thing he didn't walk many) giving up 6 hits (5 extra base hits) and 6 runs. This is a start that we would all like to forget.

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