Friday, April 1, 2011

I have Clayton Kershaw Envy

This must be what the opposing teams feel like after they have faced the Giants on a regular basis.

Clayton Kershaw was downright nasty last night, as he mowed down the Giants offense. He used primarily a 93-95 mph fastball to get ahead of hitters and then threw a wicked slider that turned the entire Giants lineup into Aaron Rowand.

Last night was a gem and as much as it pains me to say, the better pitcher won (not that Tim Lincecum did poorly and deserved the loss; he just wasn't as good as Kershaw). He scattered four hits, all of them singles and none hit particularly hard (except for the long fly ball out that Aubrey Huff hit) while striking out nine Giants against only one walk.

I hate him because he is a Dodger, but man he is good and exciting to watch. Last night was a fun game to sit back and enjoy even if the result wasn't what I wanted. It's great to see real baseball again. I tip my hat to Kershaw and the Dodgers and hope for a better result tonight.

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