Monday, April 18, 2011

Giants World Series Ring Nearly Left Behind

Andrew Baggarly has a very entertaining story at the end of his postgame notes about Duane Kuiper and his World Series ring.
Kuip told us a story today. He was sitting on the team bus when he realized he forgot something in his hotel room. It wasn’t his wallet or keys or his cell phone charger.

Nope. It was his World Series ring...
He's had it for just over a week and he's trying to leave it behind places. I haven't figured out how people can actually leave the house with these things. I don't let myself have nice sunglasses because I am afraid of leaving them places. That's something that costs a fraction of what one of these rings cost.

Anyway, the rest of the story:
He left it in the hotel safe, and the key was in the pocket of a pair of pants he’d already packed in his suitcase (which had been loaded in the baggage compartment on the bus)...

He retrieved the bag, got the key, secured a replacement keycard to his room, opened the safe, kissed the ring and made it back to the bus before it pulled away.
The best part is that Kuiper still had his world class sense of humor about the situation. “It’s not my fault,” he said. “The Yankees know how to travel with these things. This would never happen to Derek Jeter. We’re not used to it yet.”

I wonder how much he plans on wearing his ring now after a heart stopping experience like this in the future. My first stop after the plane touches down in the Bay Area would be the bank to put that thing in a safety deposit box.

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