Thursday, April 21, 2011

Injuries that make me hold my breath

The injury bug has bitten the Giants lately. First, it was Cody Ross, then Brian Wilson, then Andres Torres, and then the $126 million man, Barry Zito. These injuries have challenged the Giants and tested their depth but haven't been a knockout blow to the team.

Yesterday, there were two times that I nearly freaked out. The first was when Pablo Sandoval had to leave the field after batting practice with an injury and the second was when Buster Posey was hit on the hand while catching.

These were "hold your breath" moments and if they turned into something serious, it could have changed the trajectory of this season.

We know that the Giants are built around pitching and it would be pretty obvious that losing any of their main four starters would be a really bad thing. Even losing Zito isn't great but hopefully Ryan Vogelsong has some magic and can hold things down. What I hadn't thought much about was how fragile this burgeoning middle of the order is.

Right now, the Giants have a legit middle of the order that other teams must worry about. It's really nice to have, seeing as we are still a stone's throw from the Bengie Molina cleanup hitter era. The Huff-Posey-Sandoval threesome is wonderful, but we are a couple freak plays away from Padres style futility.

May the luck be with us.

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