Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brandon Belt's Leash

The roster crunch that is coming when Cody Ross comes back is going to force some tough decisions about who stays with the team. What I'm afraid of is the guy who likely will get caught up in the buzz saw is Brandon Belt.

Then I saw this tweet from Maty Lurie this afternoon.

This makes me concerned on a couple of levels.

First, I am worried that the Giants are going to yo-yo a prospect again like they have so many times in the past. I was surprised when Belt was brought up to the majors because I didn't think that the risks out weighed the benefits and one of those risks was that he would come up, struggle, the Giants would give up on him, and then send him down to Fresno with his confidence shaken.

This is the track that he appears to be on. Belt is struggling and the patience of the team might be running thin.

My second worry is that the Giants are falling into the small sample size trap. So far this season, Belt has played 10 games with 39 plate appearances and is hitting a paltry .143/.231 .257 but again, this is just a handful of at bats. If Luire is correct, the Giants are going to look at his next ten games to make a big decision about him. At that point, he will have around 80 plate appearances, which isn't really enough to make a fair decision.

If the Giants thought he was good enough at this point, they really need to stick with that decision and give him at least a half season to show what he's got. This is the path that has been chosen and I think you have to give him time to see if he can make his adjustments and give him the time for his luck to turn around.

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