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2011 NL Power Rankings: Week 2

NL Power Rankings Week 2.

2011 NL Power Rankings: Week 2
Philadelphia Phillies
1 (2)
The Phillies haven’t let the offseason expectations get them off on the wrong foot. They did need some late heroics to lift them on Opening Day, but they are the team to beat now.
Atlanta Braves
2 (3)
The Braves will be the team that pushes the Phillies this year and both of these teams are off to a strong start.
San Francisco Giants
3 (1)
This isn’t exactly what you want to start the season. The defense let them down and they lost some close games that could have swung in their favor.
Cincinnati Reds
4 (7)
The Reds are trying to regain the upper hand in the Central that they had all last season and an opening series sweep against a much improved division rival is a great start.
Colorado Rockies
5 (4)
They had one of their games snowed out, so we only got to see two games for the Rockies, but they seem to be about what we expected so far.
St. Louis Cardinals
6 (6)
The injury bug keeps biting the Cardinals and Albert Pujols looked mortal on Opening Day. Are the baseball gods telling us something?
Los Angeles Dodgers
7 (8)
The Dodgers looked good against the defending champs. They scored enough to win the series but before long, you are going to worry about Jonathan Broxton and his gopher balls.
San Diego Padres
8 (10)
The Padres beat a tough Cardinals team twice on the road which is impressive. I still don’t know how they score runs but Bud Black has his team playing like last year again.
Milwaukee Brewers
9 (5)
That is not the start the Brewers wanted to get off to. Yikes! For a team trying to contend and a team that made splashy moves, a sweep is bad news. Luckily for them, it's a long season.
New York Mets
10 (13)
The Mets took 2 out of 3, but I think this is still a rebuilding year without monster years from Beltran, Reyes, and Bay. Not likely with the Braves and Phillies in front of them.
Chicago Cubs
11 (9)
Losing to the Pirates hurts and the Cubs cannot feel good to have dropped 2 out 3 at home. I could have dropped them more but I don’t want to overreact.
Florida Marlins
12 (12)
The Marlins are another team that dropped 2 out 3 at home but they did it to the Mets who could be a good team. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt here.
Arizona Diamondbacks
13 (15)
The D-Backs went into Coors Field and have worked a split, which is quite the accomplishment because the Rockies are so tough to beat at home. Hopefully this isn’t the high point for their year.
Washington Nationals
14 (14)
The Nationals were unlucky and drew the Braves, who are a much superior team. Hey, at least they won one of the games.
Pittsburgh Pirates
15 (16)
The Pirates are above .500 and at this pace will break the record for futility. Screw statistical fundamentals and extrapolate Pirates fans. It could happen.

Houston Astros
16 (11)
The Astros start another season with a sweep and in heart breaking fashion. At least they have the Brewers to share the cellar with for the moment.

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