Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Dodgers and Their Beer Size Scam

It is common knowledge that beer at ball parks is not a great deal, but what people may not realize is that springing for the bigger beer is not necessarily the better deal that you tend to think of when you go for the larger size.

If there was one more thing to make the Dodgers seem even more evil and soulless, it is something like this.

Yum Sugar's crack reporter Katie Sweeney is on our side uncovering this horrible misdeed.
I purchased each of the beers at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and sipped the regular, which comes in a tall glass, first. Then, I poured the small beer into the regular beer and discovered that it's almost the exact same size! Finally, I poured the large beer into the regular and found that it was bigger than the regular, but not by much. I took the glasses home and filled them with water to determine how much beer each holds.
If we break this out into price per ounce we can get a clear picture of the weirdness of the pricing.

Volume in Ounces
$ per Ounce
18 ounces
20 ounces
26 ounces

As we can see, the small size is the best value, with the suckers who buy the regular are getting the short end of the stick. This pricing scheme would make a lot more sense if the small were 12 ounces, but it really doesn't make sense with the small being only 2 ounces smaller. If you are at the Chavez Ravine, double up on the smalls for the best deal.

I wonder if this is the case at other ball parks or is it something that is only happening down in LA. I'll be at the ball park this weekend and try to remember to grab some cups to bring home.

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