Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wasted Opportunities Kill the Giants

Last night was a brutal game to watch. The Giants put eight men on base against Clayton Kershaw but couldn't push one across the plate against him. Kershaw had good stuff last night, but he wasn't perfect and the Giants were able to hit some balls hard but they wasted their best opportunities against the tough lefty.

Three times the Giants had two runners on base and each time they failed to capitalize. If they score some runs in one of these spots, this game could have turned out much differently and instead, it was a demoralizing blowout.

The Giants went 0-5 with a double play and a strikeout with runners in scoring position and when the team fails to have an extra base hit until the bottom of the ninth, that is a recipe for being shut down. If you are looking for a silver lining, the Giants did do better at working Kershaw's pitch count to try to get to the Dodger bullpen. Getting some timely hits would have helped more, though.

On another note, at least Pat Burrell had a good game. Plus, it would be pretty awesome if he hit the 64 homers he is on pace for.

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