Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Ravings of the Lunatic Fringe: Pull Brian Wilson Edition

I've got a new weekly gig over at Davis Sports Deli talking about the Giants end of the Giants-Dodgers rivalry. My inaugural post looks at the early struggles of Brian Wilson and the ridiculous calls (I really need to listen to less KNBR) by some fans that a change needs to be made because his problems are mostly bad luck, which is the opposite of what's happening with Jonathan Broxton.
The ravings of the lunatic fringe at times can make a person want to pull out their hair. This has been illustrated perfectly the last few days after Brian Wilson, the Giants All-Star closer gave up three runs on Sunday handing the Braves the game and a series sweep.

His 9.82 ERA combined with the Giants four game losing streak have brought the crazies out of the wood work demanding a change in who closes out games. People are calling for him to shave the beard and to cut out the stupid act that he has going. People are questioning his focus now that he is staring in commercials. I guess his quirks aren’t as cute when things aren’t going so good.

I have a feeling that many of these people who are sharpening their pitchforks are new to the bandwagon and only know the dominate closer of the playoffs last year. Well here is a news flash that they need to hear, wonky things can and do happen in just 7 and 1/3 innings and there is nothing wrong with Brian Wilson.
Check out the whole thing and settle down because Wilson will be just fine (I hope).

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