Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Aaron Rowand the Every third Year Hall of Famer:

There seems to be a pattern that is developing with Aaron Rowand and even he can't seem to explain why, but don't fret I have put my science cap on and have discoverd the answer.

It is against my better statistical judgment to think that maybe there is some that clicks on in Aaron Rowand every three years but the numbers just slap in you the face and make you think that something is up.

Maybe to most it would seem to be a coincidence that his offensive outburst just happens to coincide with el Niño years. However I have crunched the numbers and run the experiments in my bath tube and this is the best, nay the only explanation for the naturally occuring phenomenon.

This triennial eruption is a welcome break from the league average hitter that we see every other season and it really couldn’t come at a better time for the Giants who desperately need offense to go with a league best pitching staff.

Let’s take a gander at the gamer's career numbers vs. league average:

Batting Average:

On Base Percentage:

Slugging Percentage:



All of them show the same pattern. Perfectly league average player for two years and then as if by magic or force of nature (el Niño, for those not paying attention earlier) on the third year a hall of fame slugger.

Let’s set aside all reason and just project from those years. Aaron Rowand will hit .313/.363/.541 with 24 Home runs while leading the team to October baseball.

You can’t argue with that it is science, I even included el nino and declared that it is a triennial event that you can set your watch to. Keep your eyes open for the forthcoming peer reviewed study.

I say let’s hope that he continues this trend this season and for the next 2 years just give him a calendar that says 2013 and 2016.

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