Friday, May 14, 2010

Raise Your Hand If You Are Tired of the Bias!

I am not sure about the rest of the Bay Area but I am extremely fed up with ESPN, the self proclaimed World Wide Leader™ in sports has developed a love feast for the East Coast leaving great stories like the Giants and the rest of the N.L. West in the dust.

The exception to all of this is the L.A. Dodgers who manage to make it on ESPN because they have a HOF manager in Joe Torre. An example of the bias one might ask?
For the answer to this question just watch Sunday Night Baseball, here is the schedule:

April 4 Opening Night: New York Yankees at Boston

April 11 St. Louis at Milwaukee

April 18 New York Mets at St. Louis

April 25 Atlanta at N.Y. Mets

May 2 N.Y. Mets at Philadelphia

May 9 N.Y. Yankees at Boston

May 16 Philadelphia at Milwaukee

May 23 N.Y. Yankees at N.Y. Mets

So looking at this, does one see the problem here? 7 of the 8 games feature N.L./ A.L. East teams and not one West Coast team. There is not even a game outside out the Eastern or Central Time Zones. Perhaps ESPN needs to open up some west coast offices to get away from the East Coast echo chamber, come on guys there are other places where sports are played as well.

The argument that that is where the people are doesn’t hold water either. There are a number of large markets in the west; San Francisco is the 6th largest television market and 4th largest radio market. However we are treated like a second class sports city.

When you miss a game you have to wait 45 min on SportsCenter because the Red Sox struggling is much more important than a Giants game and even then they are just as likely to take a shot at Bengie Molina for being slow.

If the situations were reversed and the Giants were struggling and the Red Sox just swept the Yankees, the headlines would ring out “oh the Rex Sox are back! They swept the Yankees!” The lead story on SportsCenter and ESPNews is now the Yankees are struggling and what are they going to do to get over it.

Does this sound familiar? When Boston comes into town during interleague play Giants fans I beg you get an East Coast Bias Chant going in AT&T.

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